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Updated: Nov 15, 2023

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The only not-for-profit fine-dining restaurant in the Region is delighted to welcome new head chef Phil Cooke.

Phil has taken the reigns at the Old Bakery after success at restaurants around the city including the Bronze Pig and Jews House.

The dad-of-two will be introducing his classic British tasting menu over the next month and he says he can’t wait to get started.

“This is such an exciting and bold restaurant that I just had to go for it when the opportunity came up. I love the fact that all of the profit from the restaurant is used for training at Lincoln College and I the idea of using a top-quality restaurant like this as a finishing school for students is amazing,” he said.

“My college training was so important to my career, it’s given me a way of life I love and I can’t wait to give other young people that same opportunity through the Old Bakery.”

Phil started his career as a pot washer at a family-run pub in Hereford, then while working at a gastro pub in Bath, he studied catering formally at his local college.

The dad-of-two then worked at various restaurants in the Bath area, before moving to Lincoln with his partner in 2013.

Phil has worked at a number of restaurants in Lincoln, including Jew’s House, before introducing his own menu at the Bronze Pig as Head chef.

Phil, who will be joined by new sous chef Andy Wilson, said he hoped locals will love his new menu.

“I’m fine-tuning it now and we’ll be rolling it out over the next few weeks. My passion is classic British cooking. It’s fine dining but I understand the Lincolnshire appetites - it's stylish but there are no measly portions here.

“I’m passionate about the best quality local produce and we’ll be supporting as many local producers as we can across our offer. We’ll also be featuring local game and the best seasonal veg we can get our hands on.

“The British classic tasting menu will also be punctuated by monthly themed nights where I’ll be exploring my wider passion for French and Asian cuisine – I just can’t wait to get started.”


Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Under new management - and restaurant and kitchen refit complete!

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Guess what – we’re now the only not-for profit fine-dining restaurant in Lincolnshire – every penny in now invested in local education and training

We’re sorry we’ve been away for a few months but we’ve been very busy. We’re delighted to say that the Old Bakery restaurant and rooms is back and better than ever.

The restaurant has changed hands and is now owned by the commercial arm of Lincoln College. This fantastic new partnership has already led to a significant investment – with a restaurant and kitchen refit, thanks to a grant from the Lincoln Towns Fund.

Old Bakery Head Chef Barry Dawson is still at the helm and is delighted to reopen with the restaurant’s classic Christmas menu. For more details of this and our a la carte and taster menus click here.

Now that we’re owned by the College we’re much more than a commercial venture.

We are acting as a finishing school for the Lincoln School of Food and Hospitality at the College and taking on their very best students via apprenticeships and industry placements.

And from now on, all of our profits are reinvested at Lincoln and Newark Colleges – funding the education and training of local young people.

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